Roof Fascia & Soffit

Why Your Roof’s Fascia & Soffit Matters

It may seem insignificant, but roof fascia and soffit play a big role in the overall health of your roof – and home! The soffit is part of the roof edge where the roof meets your siding. The fascia is the aesthetic feature board along the side of the overhang that helps your roof appear more complete.

While they often go unnoticed by homeowners and new home buyers, roof fascia and soffit can point to potential issues. Stop ignoring the signs your roof fascia and soffit are giving you! If you’ve experienced any of the following within the past 6 months, it may be time to consider having your roof edge checked by a professional:

  • Cracks and flaking paint
  • Proof of pest invasion
  • Asbestos, algae, or mold growth
  • Water in the roof void
  • Lack of ventilation




At Octorara Roofing and Exteriors, we’re roofing professionals dedicated to the details – that’s just one of the reasons why we place such emphasis on things like the roof edge! We proudly serve residential homes in Lancaster, PA, Chester, PA, Cecil County, MD, and Harford County, MD. If you’d like to have our experts evaluate your roof fascia and soffit for free, please contact us today!

Fascia & Soffit Replacement & Installation

When you hire our residential roofing contractors to repair or replace your roof, we offer a fascia and soffit inspection complimentary. If we find that repair, replacement, or new installation would be beneficial to your home, we’ll get the job done while we’re already onsite!

Fascia and soffit replacement is an upgrade best left to the professionals since it impacts the structural wellbeing of your house, let alone its curb appeal. With Octorara Roofing, you can feel confident knowing that our roofing contractors treat your home like it’s our own. For all customers in our service location, we guarantee local expertise paired with the best materials. Request your fascia and soffit installation evaluation when you speak to one of our experts today!

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Skillful Fascia & Soffit Repair Specialists

With minor issues like cracks and peeling, our contractors can perform fascia and soffit repair, as opposed to a complete replacement. Similar to our fascia and soffit installation, if we evaluate and conclude that your roof edge needs attention, we can perform them while on-site for your roofing services.

Fascia and soffit repairs serve as preventative maintenance that can elongate its lifespan and postpone any pricey replacements. Learn more about our fascia and soffit repair services when you contact us today!

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For affordable roof fascia and soffit repair or installation, Octorara Roofing and Exteriors in Lancaster County, PA is the team to trust! With several years in the roofing and siding industry, our team is fully trained and experienced in every roofing system. Whether you need fascia and soffit replacement, re-roofing, or gutters installation, we’re happy to get the job done right – the first time.

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