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LP SmartSide Contractors: Your Partner in Sustainable Home Improvement

When it comes to sustainable home improvement, our LP SmartSide Contractors stand out as your ideal partner. We specialize in installing LP SmartSide products, which are renowned for their durability, environmental benefits, and aesthetic appeal.  LP SmartSide’s purpose is “to build a better world,” and the LP SmartSide contractors at Octorara Roofing fully embrace this vision.

LP SmartSide siding is manufactured using sustainable materials and processes, ensuring a lower environmental impact without compromising on quality.

With our LP SmartSide contractors and siding services, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re not only investing in long-lasting and beautiful exteriors but also contributing to a more sustainable future. . Our team of LP SmartSide contractors will work with you to pair you with one of their quality siding options that best suits your home’s style and aesthetic.

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LP SmartSide Installation: Enhanced Durability & Style

When it comes to your siding project, you want to choose a siding material that best suits your home. While we offer traditional siding options such as vinyl siding, engineered wood siding options continue to be a popular choice amongst home-owners for its durability and ease of customization.


Our LP SmartSide installation and LP siding replacement services are backed by the numerous benefits:

  • Style Options: Available in a variety of textures that mimic real wood such as cedar or a smooth brushed look.
  • Color Options: Choose from a variety of color selections that best suit the style of your home including white, brown, green, and much more.
  • Advanced Durability: Engineered wood LP SmartSide installation offers superior protection against the elements and is more flexible, meaning that it is less prone to break.
  • Refined Appearance: Replacing your current siding with a LP SmartSide replacement leaves a cleaner look on your home as this siding can come up to 16 ft in length, meaning fewer seams.
  • Efficient LP SmartSide Installation: With longer pieces, LP SmartSide replacement can additionally allow for a faster installation and less waste on the jobsite saving you time and money.


LP SmartSide products are additionally an award-winning brand, being recognized as Green Builder Media’s Most Sustainable Supplier award in 2022.

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Enjoy the Ease of LP SmartSide Maintenance

LP SmartSide maintenance is a breeze! Once a year, it is recommended to inspect your siding and look or any spots that are dirty or need a touch-up. For those spots that just need a clean, simply take a cloth, sponge, or soft brush with a bucket of warm water and cleaning solution to wipe down the siding. When it comes to small chips or nicks in your siding, these small spots can be touched up with a matching paint finish.

LP SmartSide maintenance is relatively low as this type of siding withstands:

  • Humidity: Prevents moisture build up
  • Extreme Heat: Being engineered wood, the flexibility of the siding won’t bend or warp in extreme heat.
  • Hail: Protect your home from extreme winter conditions.
  • Freeze & Thaw: Fights back against the effects of the cycle of freeze and thaw.
  • Flooding & Rain: Can withstand long-term effects of continued rain.

You’ll have little LP SmartSide maintenance with this top-notch siding option from Octorara Roofing. Get in touch with us today to enjoy the low maintenance of LP SmartSide siding!

two-story home with tan siding, cedar shake roof, windows, and white trim

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