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Deciding to invest in a new roof is a decision often carefully considered. This is why it can help to work with a trusted roof replacement company like Octorara Roofing & Exteriors. We have experience with shingle replacement and other types of roof replacement. We’re a seasoned roofing company with a proven track record, which has earned us a solid reputation for quality roof installation among local residents. For this reason, you can take comfort in knowing we’ll expertly guide you through the new roof process and help you make well-informed decisions just right for your needs, budget, and preferences.

New Roof Installation Services

Since there’s often hesitation when it comes to the replacement vs. repair debate, it can be helpful to have a better idea of when it makes sense to invest in a new roof installation. If a roof replacement is what’s best for you, a top-of-the-line roof that’s more efficient and aesthetically appealing can be cost-effective and contribute to a boost in property value and curb appeal. We take the time with our roof installation projects to ensure your roof lasts a long time through various weather conditions.

roof installation project in progress


If you aren’t sure if it is time for a new roof, these signs can often suggest you need to replace your roof. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Light coming through your attic: This suggests underlying parts of your roof are worn, damaged, or deteriorated. Also, look for streaks or stains on attic walls.
  • Having an older roof: Look at your home improvement or inspection records to determine when your roof was last repaired, replaced, or re-shingled. If it’s been 15-20 years or more since an asphalt roof was last replaced, for instance, it’s likely time for a new one.
  • Seeing signs of shingle damage: Shingles are supposed to be flat against a roof and free of significant imperfections. If cracking, warping, blistering, and other issues are widespread, this is a sign it’s time to explore your options with replacement. Also, look for granules in your gutters and downspouts.
  • Spotting signs of rot: A roof that’s sagging or dropping definitely needs to be replaced, but it’s also important to look for signs of rot that could be affecting your roof, especially around lower points where moisture tends to collect.

Reliable Reroofing Professionals

roof replacement company performing their re-roofing services

If you are noticing any of the signs you need a new roof mentioned above, Octorara Roofing & Exteriors is the company to call. We’re pleased to be a GAF Master Elite Certified company. This is a distinction only 2 percent of roofers nationwide have earned. You’ll also appreciate knowing we’re a detail-oriented team that are experts at re-roofing and strives to exceed customer expectations with each project. The re-roofing process can be a messy one and that is why we take pride in the fact that we utilize a roofer’s buggy to ensure that your property remains unscathed throughout the entire roof installation. This tool also allows roof materials to be removed periodically throughout the replacement process. What you’ll be left with is a beautiful roof with no major mess left behind.


Learn More About How Much A Residential Roof Replacement Cost

Octorara Roofing & Exteriors is the residential roof replacement company you can come to for your roof replacement needs. If you are concerned about what a roof replacement will cost you, we will gladly provide a free estimate during your initial consultation to discuss a new roof. We proudly serve residents throughout Lancaster, Chester, Harford and Cecil Counties and look forward to making your experience with us pleasant and productive from start to finish.

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